Mobil Optimized Clinical Apps

Mobile Optimized Clinical App (MOCA) are solutions which solve specific workflow problems in the clinical setting through apps. These solutions are developed in close cooperation with relevant personnel, to ensure that the problem and all underlying issues are clear, and can be dealt with in the solution.

The solutions are developed through workshops and iterative processes. All solutions will be tested in the right setting, and developed further if needed.

Allergy Provocation app

In cooperation with the Department of Dermatology and Allergy Centre – Odense University Hospital, MedWare has developed an app which is used when a patient is tested for allergies and the severity of allergies.

It is possible to scan the patients barcode bracelet with the app to avoid entering the CPR manually. If a medicine allergy is tested, the app can also scan the barcode of the specific drug, and input relevant data automatically.

When a new provocation is created in the system, the frontpage will give an overview of times for additional provocation. The app will give a notification 5 min before the next dosis is to be administered.

During the provocation, symptoms and values such as blood pressure, peak-flow, spirometer and stetoskopi is registered directly in the app. When the test is concluded the patient’s status is registered. It is also registered if the patient needed to be treated further after the test, either with admission to the hospital, or with medicine. The app will display an overview of the entire provocation test.

All data from the app is used to autogenerate a draft of a entry to the patients record, which the doctor will edit and transfer to the Electronic Patient Record system. The data is also transferred to ORCA (Odense Research Center for Anaphylaxis), which is a research database developed by the Allergy Centre at Odense University Hospital.

Below is a video of the process – in danish


Lymphoma app

The Lymphoma app is developed in a cooperation with the Department of Rehabilitation in The Region of Southern Denmark. The measurements of the patients lymphoma was previously written on a piece of paper and scanned to the Electronic Patient Record.

With the app, all data can be registered directly in the app, while the personnel is taking the measurements. All relevant extremities can be measured, and an overview of all recorded data will be visible either as a graph or in a table. Because of this, it is possible to see the development over time. In corporation with the patient, the personnel can fill out a discomfort document and a preliminary examination. All data is transferred automatically to the Electronic Patient Record.

Since introducing the app at the department, it has become easier to treat lymphoma patients. All data is collected in the app, which makes it easier to get a collected overview of the treatment and the process. Work processes have been optimized, as there is no longer a need to scan documents after recording the data on paper.

Below is a video of the process – in danish